Travel Mate – Bolognese


4 x 100g Mixed Vegetable Pasta of all 4 shapes (Fusilli, Macaroni, Shell, Star) 8+ months
1 x 200g Bolognese Ragu Meatsauce (Ready To Eat) 2+ years

Our Mixed Vegetable Pasta is made from a combination of 10 different type of fresh vegetables & durum wheat semolina flour. The vegetables that we used are spinach, carrot, pumpkin, broccoli, beetroot, purple sweet potato, tomato, red cabbage, purple carrot and cauliflower.

It is an ideal carbohydrate which provides overall health benefits as it has high vegetable fiber (15.35 gram / 100 gram ), high protein (7.49 gram / 100gram),  a number of multi vitamins, very low in starch and low in sugar.

100% natural – Outrageously Tasty & Healthy!


Our fresh Bolognese Ragu pasta sauce is a healthier choice than most gravy you find on the supermarket shelves as we DO NOT use added MSG, artificial colourings, preservatives nor any chemical / food additives. Simply a convenient sauce that a must have in every household!

Outrageously Tasty, Meaty & Healthy!




Our pasta is naturally brittle because of high vegetable contents. The colours may varies from one batch to another as it 100% comes from natural vegetable colours.

Pasta Info:


  • Adult: 60 to 80 gram / person
  • Children: 30 to 50 gram / person


  • Keep in a dry storage (preferably in an airtight container)
  • Keep away from direct sunlight


  • Place directly into boiling water for 3-4 minutes or until desired texture
  • Stir until separated.
  • Drain & serve with your favourite pasta sauce.

Pasta Sauce Info:


  • Adult- 100ml
  • Children- 70ml


  • Refrigerate after opening and use within 2 days.

Additional information

Weight 600 g


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