For those of you who has followed our facebook page “Eatalian Express – Homemade Fresh Pasta” you may have learnt from my postings how I first get infatuated with pasta. That starts with my sister’s wonderful cooking of spaghetti bolognese and my 1st experience of cooked pasta by an Italian chef while I was studying in UK circa 90s. Also how I win the heart of my lovely wife with pot full of spaghetti bolognese on her birthday surprise! (and win the heart of my in-laws in the process as well, hehe). Now that we are married and blessed with three wonderful sons, the pasta love naturally transpired to them. “Mana lagi jatuhnya kuah bolognese kalau tidak ke sepinggan penuh spaghetti”. 

Since the kids are loving the pastas so much, we were thinking that if we could somehow incorporate vegetables with the pasta then we could also solved the “age long” issues of getting these picky eaters all the nutrients their growing body needs.

We start exploring the vegetable pasta on the supermarket shelves. We found a few brands with vegetable pasta but we were not convinced. First and foremost, even the more popular brand shown insignificant amount of vitamins. Upon checking, we learnt that this boils down to the amount of vegetables powder that they use. Too little. Seems like colouring the pasta is more of their concern. In other words, plain marketing gimmick. Secondly, we could not find any other form of vegetable pasta other than fusilli (spiral) shape. In summary, these commercially dried vegetable pasta contain little or almost none vegetable vitamins and lack of variety in shapes. Not good, or at least not what we have in mind when we say we want to incorporate the vegetables nutrients in our kids pasta.

With the offline supermarket adventure failed, we turned online and asked “uncle” google, and there you go. Eureka! The answer is making fresh pasta and you are free to put any vegetables you want as long as the vegetable can be smoothly pureed. And that is how we started to toy with the idea of making our own homemade fresh vegetable pasta.

The kids loving it. Family and friend start asking for more. For the benefits of everyone, we then decided to learn the art the proper way. And that is how we made our journey all the way to Bologna, Italy – the pasta capital itself. We signed up for fresh pasta course and learnt from the best, the Italian pasta ladies themselves. We learnt it all, the extruded pasta, the handmade pasta such as raviolli, tortellini and many others. We were taught how to prepare the egg pasta as well as the vegetable pasta. While in Italy, we also went on to sample many other Italian food which we hope to share the recipes with all our readers in the future.

Back to the fresh vegetable pasta, to take it up a notch, and to confirm the nutritional vitamins we went to MARDI food laboratory to get our Homemade Fresh Vegetables Pasta analysed. The result per 100gram reads, energy 296kcal, fat 1.11g, protein 7.49g, carbohydrate 56.32g, dietary fibre 15.35g, Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) 1045.64ug, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 41.87mg and total Vitamin A activity 174.27g. Alhamdulillah – this is a far better result than compared to the commercially dried vegetable pasta.

Oh, I forget to mention that this result was not much as a surprised. Why? Simply because we use 10 different vegetables in our mixed vegetables pasta. Yes, not 3 or 8 but 10!

To supplement the Homemade Fresh Pasta range, upon popular demand we decided to also offer our Homemade Fresh Pasta Sauces and Homemade Fresh Italian Meatballs. At the current point in time, we are still homebased. In order to provide quality food, we invested to get the best machine straight from Italy – the body is made from stainless steel and the dices are made from bronze. Yes, it is authentically Italian. It is our aim to share the goodness of our homemade Italian food from our humble kitchen straight to your kitchen in the freshest and nutritious way possible. Homemade fresh, tasty and healthy fit for the whole family.

Thank you for reading this article, and we hope to see you again. In the meantime, please feel free to browse through the rest of our website. Ciao!

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